[Tutorial] Sonoda’s KT replica

Hello here

I’ve always been a huge fan of Sonoda penmods. I started with a replica of his emboss before he released its tutorial, and I’ve also made replicas of his g3 and his kt. This time I am going to explain you how to make his kt 🙂

Let’s get started!

Stuff needed :

  • 1 blue wc DC
  • 3 or 4 blue sailor gel grips (depend if you want it perfect symmetrical)
  • 1 or 2 blue sarasa grips (depend if you want it perfect symmetrical)
  • 2 small CT caps
  • 2 drgrip metal rings
  • 2 signo tips
  • 2 G3 grips
  • Some clear tape

20-20.5cm (Sonoda’s hands are very small so we can feel the mod is longer. But according to his pictures on Twitter, the length should be between what I said)


Step 1

  • Put like 8mm of sarasa grip and 1 block of 4 stripes of sailor gel grip onto the big cap. You’ll need a 4 stripes sailor gel block including the smallest ring.
  • Screw signo tip at the top of the big cap
  • Cut about 1cm of small CT cap from the bottom and put it as shown: half inside and half outside.
  • Add a drgrip ring at the top

Step 2

Put g3 grip as shown, in order to cover the small CT cap and the metal ring

Step 3

Remove the smallest ring of your remaining sailor grip and put it on the cap so you can get the effect of a big sailor grip.

Step 4

Add some tape on each extremity of your wc barrel and put caps on it.

Comment : for me a very great kt medium weight. The weight distribution is perfect for my spin and my hands. If you got the stuff and interested about Sonoda’s style spinning, I advise you to make this replica 🙂