New stuff from Jing, Twpsc

Hello there 🙂

Yesterday was a small gathering with fews Taiwanese spinners at Taipei city. One of them, Jing,one of the biggest seller in twpsc, provided me some stuff as you can see.

All the grips are copy from taobao. Therefore, my latest article about copy made me want to describe more about copy stuff. Let’s get started 🙂

Here’s tornado grips copy. The color of the black looks OK. The color of the white too. As the white soft dgg, if you put the tornado grip onto a darker barrel or grip by stretching it, it won’t be white anymore.

If you look closely, youll see some “waste” plastic at the top (like if the mold of the grip is not enough good quality and let the plastic goes away)

Anyway it is as flexible as a regular one.

I am very happy to get some of this new color!

New color of anyball copy. This mint green is really beautiful. But the grip is more stiffer than a regular one and less rough. You can see the ends are not well made and the end of the big stripe is not as thin as the regular one.

A clear barrel with pretty insert. I doubt it is acrilic because it seems this barrel can’t be broken as the same way as regular acrilic. This one looks more soft, you can see that about the cut.

For my acrilic pipe, I have to cut and then, sand off to make it clean. Here, they didn’t sand off; I bet they only cut. Look like more polycarbonate (stuff used for modrod).

If so, it is less slippery than acrilic.

Thank you for reading and see you next time!