Hey guys, I am Vôre-Tèx and was the co-admin of the French PenSpinning Board (2015-2018) ! Nice to meet you !

I am a french pen modder since 2009 and I like to revisit famous penmods with my own style.

I’ve discovered the Pen Spinning in 2008, registered on the French PenSpinning Board in 2009 and begun Pen Modding the same year.
Got some awards of the pen modder of the year since 2011.

Don’t hesitate to use the summary for an overview of my works!
Click on « Content » for seeing all my pictures and tutorials
Click on « Store » for seeing all my mods/stuff on sale.

I really appreciate your visite on my website, hope you will enjoy it.


PS : For any custom made penmods, contact me on my social networks 🙂

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