Taiwanese pens

Hey guys,

I wanted to introduce you some nice pens we can find in Taiwan, at the capital, Taipei. We can find a bunch of stationery shops and it’s easy to know their location by taping « stationery store » on Google maps.

If you visit Taiwan, you’ll find either regular brandw as we know but also, some local and Chinese brands that produce amazing subs as I show you below. Pens here are very cheap and I hope you’ll get the chance to go there once in your life.

I can’t wait to make news mods again with those!

New type of 700n (used for Joey DC mod)
Clear 700n. Discontinued since some years. Same specs as regular 700n. St thickness and ~11. 5cm long
Mycolor sub for a Thailand DC penmod (forgot the name uh)
Emboss barrel sub. A little bit longer and feel nice. Seems only available in white.
Popular act. I love those colors, I’m gonna use it for personal mod.
Tapered barrel so not so useful. Cap can fit on emboss barrel.
Great cap for basic dc. Can fit on 700n barrel
Grip for gripcut. Available in these colors
Pink, green, blue, opaque or translucid. Grey too.
airblanc colored grips sub
Supergrip without stripes sub (available in light pink as well) and hyperjell grip sub (longer tho)
Very tight grip that could be used for g3 front undergrip
Uni-Ball re 0.38. Grip can be removed from this nib size. The grip can’t be removed if you buy the 0.5 or bigger.
Tornado grip sub
Regular signo dx
New(?) Jetstream uniball. Tip and grip smaller tha’ regular one, but grip got stripes and as thick as D1-k.
Drgrip 4+1, one of my favorite pen even if it is expensive.
Love that pen too. Great grip (only in Grey tho) and beautiful tip.
Again, love that one. The tip is composed of 3 tips actually. Pretty interesting about how to use. Let’s make an article about it later.
Pilot juiceup ❤️ still don’t know how to use the front part with the stuck grip.
Also amazing pen from the brand tomato. The pen got 2 metal parts for the tip. Like the telescopic pen from zebra. Already made a personal mod with that and I love it.