A13X Bullet – The weight distribution


After talking about the mysterious connector of the A13X bullet mod, the subject of this article is going to be about the weight distribution of the mod.

Because the next article of this series is going to be about some structures of the hypothetical legit version, I have to talk about the weight distribution (written “WD” later) first.

Improve your modding skill can be done by making replica of mods by basing yourself on freestyles videos and photos of this mod :

  1. Freestyle videos will help you guessing about the global weight and the weight distribution, according to the “hand physiognomy” (size, muscle) of the spinner and according to their spinning speed and tricks used.
  2. Photos will help you guessing the details of the aesthethic of the mod.
  3. Avoid being influenced by what people say, most of them are just rumors. Lies are easier and faster to create than a fake footage. Try to get use to trust what you see more than what you heard.

Below is a practical example of this exercice, which is very excited as a penmodder, in my opinion :

1. Freestyles :

>A13X Bullet Playlist<

Above is a playlist of the videos I used to use to get my own understanding of the WD of the A13X Bullet mod.

Let’s pick 3 of them :

A13X spinning a regular penspinning mod (see the metallic comssa at 47sec)

A13X spinning his Bullet mod

A13X spinning his silver mod

I clearly noticed 3 different ways of spinning.

On the first video (let’s talk about the sequence of 47sec with the metallic comssa), I see A13X spinning his “regular” mods very quickly. Sounds like he used to use power into his mods. What is interesting here is that we know how he is spinning a very classic mod. We can do comparison from that later if needed.

On the second video, there is something hard to determinate but the mod is spun slower, even though the speed is still fast.

On the third video, there is something even more different. The mod is spun faster than the bullet mod but it seems to be weighted heavier somehow. There is another important detail : we can see the size of his arm which seems like plenty of muscle. It is easier for spinners that doing work out or having big hands for using heavy mods. A13X seems to get both.

This first analysis makes me think the weight of the A13X bullet is not focused at the tips but on all the way into the mod.

Because A13X didn’t released all his secrets about his mods, a lot of people made it in the unofficial way AND we know how their unofficial A13X mod are spun. Basically this is the way of my next analysis :

I know how the legit A13X mod is made of (1) <=> I know how A13X is spinning his legit bullet mod (2)
I know how the unofficial A13X mod is made of (3) <=> I know how people is spinning the unofficial A13X bullet mod (4)

(1) is what we want to know
(2) see the videos above
(3) tutorials >here< from A13X himself, >here< from my youtube tutorial, >here< from the blog of Ponkotu or >here< from penspinning.fr. They basically all have the same structure : heavy tips and nothing into the body.
(4) See the videos just below but before that, read those lines :

We have seen earlier that A13X is spinning his bullet mod at a slow speed . In the penmodding theory, there are at least 2 reasons that your mod is going to be spun slow :

  • It is heavier than usual for hand hand/fingers
  • the weight is on all long the mod. You will need more power because the momentum is low.

On the other hand, there are at least two reasons that explained why your mod is spun fast :

  • it has a light weight and your hand is not used to do the correct movements for a smooth spinning (unless your style is “spinning fast”)
  • the more weight a mod has at the extremities, the faster it will spin and easier it will be to do continuous tricks. We call that momentum.

But there is a very tiny subtility. We can have a fast global spinning style like A13X does (even with his Bullet mod) but the rotation can be slow. This is a very important detail to note for this article.

Now let’s see the (4) that I just talked about.

I start with a short freestyle of Everchix, using the unofficial version of the A13X bullet mod (I know it because I bought it from him and I can certify it is) :

What do we see ? Fast rotations and fast global spinning (but I think it is his own style). Everchix barely knows how to control the mod. So either the mod is very very light, in which case i know it is not because I own it, either the momentum is very high (yes).

Let’s continue with Menowa* :

Lol you see what I mean ? We see a fast rotations again and fast global spinning style (own style again). Either the mod is very light, which is not because he uses NATO tips (and A13X bullet mod base body+caps is 15g already), either the momentum is high.

There is another one a bit more subtle, from Baumgru of GPC.
His A13X bullet mod is an unofficial one but he made his own tips from metal rods (3cm long, 1cm wide) which mean the momentum is a bit more lower than Everchix or Menowa (because NATO tips are a bit smaller) but still higher than A13X :

Ahh… I think all of this is very fascinated. But don’t forget everything is just hypothetical !

2. Photos

In this case, photos from A13X are not so important since he released an unofficial “sum up” of the mod :

Let’s talk about it !

Why I think this sum up is unofficial ? Because my theory is that there should be something into the giotto body (which can explain his slow rotations when he is spinning the mod) while there is absolutely nothing in this video ! Also, he didn’t explain all the details for each step of the tutorial (beside tips and unknown central weight) but no worries, I am going to talk about it next time.

A last thing I want to talk about is this detail at 1min25 of the video :

I know that I am just talking about a very blurred and dark detail but if you look very closely this short sequence, I think the tip stack into the old velleda cap goes until where the Giotto front is cut. In theory, this means the tip stack is 3-3.5cm long, which might match with the versions of Baumgru plus something into the Giotto body. And this was the conclusion earlier about the rotation analysis.

To conclude

Thank you for reading ! I am not used to write long article like this one but I thought it could be interesting to talk about the A13X bullet mod since a lot of people wondered about the official version.

I am going to analyse the sum up video more deeply in the next article, which is about the structure of the mod. This next article is going to be very interested too ! Can’t wait o(*°▽°*)o