Misty Vision(G3 mod)


I introduce you my new G3 mod : Misty Vision. The specs are 16g and 20cm. Fortunately, it is successfully balanced. ^^

The mod was based on the concept of a full smooth front. This means I didn’t want to see the junction between G3 front and the first tip. This part is quite easy to hide by using a mid-thick and rigid grip (such as supergrip) but in the case that you want to use the undergrip of a Pilot Dr.grip gspec (which is soft and flexible) better to find a way to make differently the mod.

Insert is a gift from Menowa*. A Glamatic packaging. Thank you Menowa* !

The cap used is from an Uniball Vision Elite. White grip, white tip is from a Pilot dr.grip gspec. Some Supergrip BP hiden stuff and Anyball grip.

If you are looking for a tutorial, let me know 😁I think it is easy to make as a G3 mod.