Vôre-Tèx KT

Hello there !
It’s Vôre-Tèx 🙂


This time I will show you my own KT that I have made 4 months ago!

I have tried to make a KT for my own preferences. The regular dr.kt is too heavy and its spin area is too short for me. There were my ideas : cut the biggest part of the caps, and change drgrip tip for lighter tips.

At first, I have made these both. At the right, the green and yellow parts are the big part of ACT caps. At the left, the first version of my KT. After some thoughts, I have decided to changed the tips (secret for the moment), the barrel to a kutsuwa miffy marker and the caps to small emboss caps (because there are similar with thinner part of CT/ACT caps). Photo is below :


Finally I really like this KT. I will plan to make a video tutorial this year !


See you for more Penmodding original content ! 😉