TWPS 15th – 聯筆

Good evening, readers !

This article is about my submission for the TWPS 15th Collaboration Video.

First of all, the reason why I submitted for TWPS 15th is I married a Taiwanese this year.

For this submission, I have wanted to question the graphic composition of my video. How far a penspinning clip for a cv can deliver a message ? Can it be, at least, political ? How can I show visually the concept of the Union ?

First, I am going to talk about the pen used : 聯筆 (translated Pen Union) or Vore-Tex SKB.
I’ve wanted to mix up the SKB, which is a Taiwanese pen, with the structure of the VT KT.

Colors are Blue, Red, White. Same as Taiwanese and french colors flags.

Quick tutorial of this mod, which is 19 grams and 21.5cm long.
Double Cap the SKB
Tip stack is tect (metal tip) > sailor gel (plastic tip)
Add a leftover g3 grip above the sailor gel tip
Add G2 grip above G3 grip.
Add ZW-series clear grip above everything.

Let’s talk about the environnement of the clip.

I have chose a figurine (at the bottom of the video) and a shirt of Doraemon for 2 reasons. The first reason is that Doraemon persona is composed of the same colors as my mod and concerned flags I have talked earlier. Second, it represents the Asian Culture.

Even though the two last environnemental elements (the phone and the earphone) would sound a bit too much for some of you because of the ostentatious effect, they are important for me as messengers :

  • They are a part of the desk accessories, like the mouses or the keyboards in most of penspinning clips.
  • They avoid the empty space in the graphic composition, such as the environnement of >Fukrou FS<
  • Blue of the phone and white of the earphones are a part of the colors mod and the design of Doraemon persona.
  • Crossed Airpods symbolize the Union.
  • The phone symbolizes the semiconductor industry, which Taiwan is the leader.
  • The W symbol at the end of the combo represents the shape of our mariage rings.

At last, submitting for TWPS 15th is more a personal way – at my own scale – of supporting Taiwan as an independant existing country, than just for playing penspinning. I have tried to think each detail of the environnement, and work very hard on my combo, where each trick was planned from beginning to the end.

Being a part of the CV achieves this project I’ve worked on for a long time. 謝謝你 !