Rushon BT

I’ve made this rushon by today from leftover parts. I thought it was a stupid idea, but a lot of people liked it.

Original tweet

19.5cm and 15g

As it is called, a Rushon BT is made of rushon caps and Stalogy (BT) body.

Since BT body is way to thick for rushon caps to fit, you have to find some solutions.

Mine was like this :

Miyana marvy marker mod tip stack with the front of gspec body (metal). Some tape around it. A thin grip in order to attach the rushon cap on the tip stack. 1.5cm of the gspec front body have to be inside the BT body.

Also another way to attach the caps with the body if you want something lighter. Thanks to @Autumn_penspi from Twitter for this picture (original tweet)

Use a comssa backplug

Result :

End. 😎