The Japanese « Softpower » in penmodding

Notes for readers :
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– This article works as reference for a next article that will be called « The great manual of the Japanese Pen ».

Below is written a list about the main mods of the greatest penspinners for each community. The choice of the penspinners is subjective and you have your right to disagree.
Each time a mod component is a Japanese pen (or a part popularized by a Japanese spinner), I’ll write in brackets.
If you know the main mods of these spinners below, please tell me under this tweet >here<



  • Menowa*
    His main mods are almost made of 100% Japanese pens.
  • HAL
    His main mods are made of 100% Japanese pens
    His main mods are made of 100% Japanese pens
  • Mesi
    His main mods are made of 100% Japanese pens
  • Drowsy
    His main mods are made of 100% Japanese pens

note : we could say hypothetically that Ryo (the inventor of the Dr.KT) influenced the world by using Pilot Dr.Grip and people tried to find similar and cheaper pens (such as Zebra Airfit )


  • Supawit127
    Ivan mod (zebra airfit)
  • Peem
    Bustercyl (zebra airfit)
  • Sirapob
    Siramod tuto 1 (airfit, supergrip,daiso pen) ; actually a personal menowa reimei
  • Baimai
    Baimai mod (drgrip grip, ballsign)
  • Ohyeah!

note : Pilot dr.grip sold in France in 2008-2009 was a specific version, with lighter tips and different structure body. FPSB spinners started using it by influence of Japanese drgrip.


  • fel2fram
    personal KT – influenced by hal kt
  • thebeygeek
    Personal paper, personal sta (zebra airfit, sta (influenced by menowa)), ballsign perso (ballsign)
  • gollumsk8
    gollum namae mod (namae), im hybrid (ct, sailor, drgrip)
  • s777
    personal mx, killergel (sailor cap), personal black mod (based on french version of dr.kt from FPSB V2)
  • A13X
    bullet mod (drgrip grip)


  • Kagami
    Kagami mod (ct, old sarasa)
  • Snow
    Ivan mod
  • Airgear
    at mod
  • GSL
    GSL mod, gsl sta mod (WC17, no influence by menowa)
  • Eagle
    Tornado mod


  • i.suk
    I.suk energel, i.suk emboss, G3 (pilot dr.grip grip, emboss, G3, hyperjell)
  • Eriror
    waterfall mod (drgrip grip), menowa vgg (dgg, menowa)
  • Baaron
    Baaron mod (Pilot Dr.grip grip)
  • monheim
    Energel st (drgrip grip), buster cyl


  • MG
    Kind of menowa bt, dr.kt (stalogy, drgrip grip, ct cap)
  • x1213
  • Rex
    joey dc (muji : japanese shop)
  • Herenz
    herenz emboss mod (emboss)
  • ppm
    ppm mod (drgrip)


  • Xound
    xoundssa (supergrip, drgrip)
  • mond
  • wala
  • kres
    personal kt (kt, drgrip)


  • ivabra
    Ivabra mod V1, V2 (dr.grip)
  • Littleboy
    kt light green (100% jap)
  • Gisele8
    bonkura kt (100% jap)
  • Blue
    KT (100% jap)

We can continue this list further with more penspinners for each community.
But I think it is impressive already to notice that each of them have a main mod that have been influenced by the Japanese culture, or is coming directly from Japan.

See you for the next article !