The α.ir


Recently, I was requested for a commission. A mod like this one below but with a length of 24cm and about 20g heavy.

As a reminder, I’ve made this mod (above) as the prize mod for the 2019 beginner tournament. As it was for Gunter, I wanted to make an heavy mod based on the Ennis emboss.

About this commission, the mod is longer and a lot of lighter than 2019 Beginner Tournament prize : The α.ir

Nothing but complicated. The only weight is the alu barrel of the a.gel.

Bought in a Flying Tiger Copenhagen, I thought the blue barrel might be interesting to use in this case. STA thickness and Kacogreen texture, it gives an unique feeling to this mod which looks more like an i.suk mod now.

I will write a tutorial if enough people ask me for it 🙂