SG7 Avaire


I have recently acquired news interesting pens and I thought it was a good timing for a first modding session.

I decided to buy this pen, a Staedtler Graphite 777, because the body has a rough texture similar to Kacogreen and a diameter similar to Flexgrip. 10.4cm long
It is super easy to disassemble the mechanical pencil and the body is longer than an old flexgrip ultra body

After some researches on the Internet, this pen seems to be the old version since the body is opaque. Look at these gorgeous pastel colors !

Below might be the newest version. Body is a bit more clear and I don’t know about the texture.

About the mod, which I called SG7 Aviaire, i decided not to cut the body.
I don’t get a lot of very long mods so I wanted to experience that. Plus, with time, I tended to normalize the specs of my mods in order to fit the community preferences. I realized that it is not so good to do that all the time because it avoids creativity to be expressed.

24cm and 18g

Tips are gold with a shape of a flexgrip elite tip. I don’t remember where they come from.

Grips are from a Pilot Fure Fure Supergrip, which has a Supergrip 2020 clear grip and a neon tinted regular Supergrip body. The dirty effect comes from my camera, they don’t look like as dirty in the reality. The opacity is more like below :

The body connector is a body front of an Airblanc with some layers of Teflon on it so it can fit well into the Staedlter Body. I added a clear ring at the middle for a good finishing.

As to avoid plastic waste, I tried to make something out of the parts I usually throw away : tips and barrels of Supergrip.
I sure can keep them stored somewhere in my stuff and use it again for a personal mod. However I realized that I never have another opportunity to use them again. I have plenty of unused stuff which are well stored since many years but no one of them was used. So better to use them in this way that I am explain in this article.

Since the Fure Fure parts are neon tinted, I made something by using references such as Sanchiu ´s or Nope mods

No Waste Mod no.1 (NW1)

20.5cm and 14g

The construction is really simple and I tried not to use pens that I didn’t disassemble yet.

Thank you for reading and see you next time 👋