Some news about me

Hey guys ! Long time no see 馃檪

I was very busy with the end of the year of my 4th grade in Design studies in May and June, and I couldn’t post anything during my Summer holidays. I went in Japan and Taiwan for 3 weeks the last month and here is the pens I have bought there ! I hope you will enjoy ! 馃榾


Below are the pens I have bought in Japan

New namae pens, some brush/fude pens, pilot G3 with rare package. These cute markers are very nice and its texture is like miffy. The shape is like sweet drop but shorter. Impact RT with wooden grips. I’ll used these for my personal emboss soon ! 馃檪


Again, many brush and fude pens. I love these pens idk why lol. Akashiya for Hibachi mod and fude pen for bonkura comssa
In fact, there are 3 kind of fude pen : large, medium and fine tip. The cap and barrel don’t change. There are also deep blue and red hgg into package. Maybe something rare again.


Hehe yes, there are the news sailor gel ! The name of the pen is IC liquid. It exists in 2 versions : 0.38 and 0.5. One has clearer cap/barrel than the other.
The current colors are : yellow, orange, red, pink, lightgreen, turquoise, black, grey, blue.

New Muji hex. Big caps are for joey dc mod, small caps are for MMH (one of my personal marvy marker mod) and I will try to make something with the barrel soon 馃榾


Weird pentel pen I found at 100yen shop. it’s called Hybrid fine and it’s a kind of regular HGG. I’ll take better pictures of the grip and tip soon.
Gold Flexgrip elite sub, gold hgg tip sub, metal brush hgg sub (muji) and some cute sweet drop sub design
Weird colouring pens, the ones at the left has very long barrel and at the right is like anpanman pen sub.
Oh, there are real anpanman marker ! The texture is shit (very slippery), but it’s more a penmod for fun. Menowa* anpen mod uses it.
Clear ACT sub found at LOFT in Kyoto. THIS IS SO CUTE.
All the grips I have bought in japan hehe. Reimei grips, tornado clear, drgrip, white supergrip sub, sarasa, airfit, airblanc daiso sailor and some random daiso grips.


Sakura ballsign. I love this pen ! the front can fit into supertip back and the clicker system is so thin ! perfect for retractable penmod 馃榾


A beautiful chinese brush found at a japanese stationery 馃檪
YES. 48 pack of uniball dx. That’s so amazing.


Let’s see what I bought in Taiwan now 馃榾

36 and 12 packs of ACT :O I am so happy to get these ! These are new version of ACT with soft barrel and the colors are differents from the old version (look at the pink one into 12 pack, it’s more like purple than pink)


taiwanese white and clear comssa sub !!

Taiwan brush pen, longer than white WC ! there are 10 colors, but I only bought some of these because the others colors were ugly for me :c
I have also found white signo dx !
Some barrels, inktube and tips from japan too


And below are 2 mods I have made when I came back to home. cheat comssa with the chinese brush and 2 acrylic penmod (kt and giotto size)

coloured papers used for the inserts 馃檪


See you soon for more mods 馃榾