Shadix KT

Hey !

Here is a shadix kt, maybe the most legit I can make actually, since the tips used to make it are really really rare : tips are from old silicon grip pen, from japan daiso. Mine is from a sub silicon grip tips, but with almost the same weight.

The length is 20cm and weight is 16-17 grams. Yeah, that’s lighter than regular Dr.KT. It’s because of silicon grip tip which is lighter than current drgrip tip.

About the insert, you have to download a orange razen insert. Get the negative on photoshop or paint, print it and color the white middle line with yellow hyperjell (or yellow highlighter). Anyway, below is the insert you have to use :

Barrel and caps are from discontinued muji clear KT (also you can find it on Penwish for 7$ unity).

Grip is from fake black DGG.

You have to file the small bump from the caps as well, if you’d like to make it as the legit one.

In short, really nice mod to spin.

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