Summer PenModding session 2016

Hello guys !

I am making a special article today. I will show you most of the penmods I’ve made this summer. I called it Summer PenModding session 2016 🙂
There are Double Caps, Single Caps, and majority of Japanese. Some French too. I was very productive this summer, hope you will appreciate the stuff ! Enjoy !

The Ajisai DC emboss and SC emboss
The Ajisai DC emboss and SC emboss. Both are really good for spin.

The stats DC : 13,7 grams and 21,2 centimeters.
The stats SC : 15 grams for mine and 20,9 centimeters


This Akashiya Rushon is amazing for people who like light penmod. I use Airblanc tips into the caps.

19,5 centimeters for 8,25 grams.
If you like rushon mod but the rushon barrel is too much slippery, you should use an Akashiya barrel, the same for Hibachi mod, or a Fude pen. These markers feel nice 🙂


New version of the hibachi?
New version of the hibachi mod ?

I just tell you about the Hibachi. I made this version some weeks ago. I know it’s a different version compared to the Ponkotu’s blog. I think, it may be the real version of the mod. And yes, I found it on the Hibachi’s Blog. I think I will put this tutorial on the blog, soon. 🙂
15,5 grams for about 20 centimeters


Real Akiza g3 from a trade with a japanese pser

But sadly, since I don’t know if Akiza released its tutorial, I can’t gave you any information of this mod, even the mass or the lenght, sorry.
Otherwise, I am really happy to get it.


Nothing special for this one, I’ve just made again an Angry KT

21,5 centimeters for 18,5 grams
The barrel is a bit slippery but this version of the mod is so cute <3


Denial emboss mod
Denial emboss mod

I don’t know if I can release the stuff to make it, because I am not even sure if Denial knows the barrel origin.. If you want to know it, think about a colorful donga barrel sub. 🙂
Caps are made as a regular emboss mod.


Yes, I finally made one ! <3 it’s a Dr.BT, a Menowa*’s mod, in full black ver. 🙂

Mine is 20,5 centimeters for 17 grams. Yup, it’s light for a Dr.KT type. But I don’t like this mod when it’s more than this weight.
I’ve use black Beifa grip instead of Sailor grip and black o-ring (you can find them on my store) instead of zebra Tect ring.
The barrel is not tappered so it’s perfect to put caps above, and the length is 11,3 centimeters (of barrel ofc). It’s from the brand Stalogy and very expensive pen. It’s more expensive than a regular Japanese Dr.grip shaker. 😥


Everchix g3. He made 2 g3 mods, here is one of them. Maybe I will try to make the other 🙂

About 20 centimeters for 16 grams


Full black Joshin BS
Full black Joshin BS

20,5 centimeters for 14,6 grams, with black BS barrel


Malimo G3 mod, the real version use a black tinted jimnie cap
Malimo G3 mod, the real version use a black tinted jimnie cap

12,5 grams for 19,5 centimeters


The Misa g3 is a good penmod for people who have smalls hands

18,5 centimeters for 16 grams


Peemalux is a french mod, the barrel used is called Impega from the brand Lyreco. Only findable in France, I believe.

I really like this mod, 20 centimeters for 15 grams.
The barrel is amazing because it grabs more than a flexgrip ultra barrel (Banz’ mod).
Tornado grips, very light airfits grips.

It’s the version of Leftfinger, a french pser :


A penmod I bought from an UPSB seller, sparking

And the last mod, a purple Toro mx 😀