[Tutorial] Menowa* KT

20,5 centimeters for 18 grams

Hello 🙂

I will explain you how to make the Menowa* KT. I found the tutorial on his blog >here<
I don’t understand Japanese. If you see I did errors, don’t hesitate to tell me on comments below, thanks 🙂

Stuff needed :
0– 1 Crayola Supertip (Barrel) ;
– 2 Pentel ColorTwin (2 Caps, 1 Backcap) ;
– 2 Sailor (Grips) ;
– 2 Zebra Airfit (Tips) ;
– 1 or 2 Anyball (Grip : 2×1 blocks) ;
– 2 Zebra Tect (4 plastic rings) Here I’m using regular o-rings ;
Menowa* doesn’t know if the backcap is from PC2 or CT. I will use CT for the tutorial.

Tutorial :

1- Keep 2×1 blocks of Anyball grip. I am using the last from the right on the picture (the bigger one). I don’t know which block Menowa* uses for his mod.
12- Put grips and tip as shown below :
3- Cut the front of the ST
34- Put Zebra plastic rings on the barrel and the CT backcap.
45- Put the caps on the barrel and check the COG of the mod. 🙂

Video from Menowa* :