X Incipiens Stabilus | Mods explanations

This article contains spoilers. If you didn’t yet, please watch X Incipiens Stabilus :

A huge thanks to Near – the editor, Claudio – the composer (the music was created for the project), all the spinners who accepted to participate and all the people who supported me in this project (Kaoru, Supawit, Leftfinger, Seindfu, Gunter…) !

Some will remember a thread on the FPSB V4 where I was planning to organize a CV (I’ve started thinkng about it in the year 2015 >here<). The subject was to give an emotion from the video, from editing and synchronisation between music and FS. I didn’t success to achieve it.

Middle 2016, the same concept came back in my mind, but more crazy :

« What about choosing 10 of the most influencer spinners of the penspinning history, make a special new and innovative pen for them and from their FS with my pens, create a CV ? »

This is how [ X Incipiens Stabilus ] born. When a modder meets 10 great spinners. It kinda celebrates my 10th years of penmodding (with 1 year late lol).
Each spinner gave me their own preference and I tried my best by making a new pen for them.

I spent too many years on this project (almost 3 years and half). If I’ve knewn ahead of the project which people I had to work with (and know they are super motivated), plus with a precise schedule, I am sure I could finish within 1year.

This is the reason of this article. I made some penmods which were innovative and totally new when I started organizing the project. They are not anymore right now.
I know some people will grumble because of this, like « wow you said unique pens on your cv but there are just some old ugly mods ». I know you guys and I am here today for you =)

To be clear, I am going to talk about penmods which are not innovative anymore first.

  • 1st : The Ivan Giotto

VGG received my Ivan Giotto (dec. 2016) some months before I released the tutorial on youtube (march 2017) and before it get popularized. Proof >here<
Nowadays, a yellow Ivan Giotto is not anymore innovative, but it was at that time.

  • 2nd : The Energel ST

This is the first Energel KT I made at the end of 2016. Proof >here<

At the beginning of 2017, I made another one for isuk. I tried to make it as one of his fountain penmod, but with energel barrels instead. The tutorial can be teached by Isuk if he wants =)
It was before he made his own Energel ST.

Below are the penmods I consider still innovative :

  • Gollumsk8

IM* hybrid, I think most of you know it =) I’ve invented it at the end of the year 2015, espacially for Gollumsk8 =) proof >here<

  • Supawit

    I called it the Inverse power, invented at the end of 2016. It is a variant of the IM* hybrid. They are like penmods brothers =)

    The tutorial is not secret for this one. If you want it, I can release it =)

  • Comssa for Xound :

Invented at the beginning of 2017 iirc. Still love the aesthetic of this one =)
Tutorial secret.

  • Golden S777 G3

S777 requested for a whole golden SC, that I invented middle 2017. A complex challenge, I remember now I spent legit 6 months to make this shit ahahaha (where to find gold signo/hyperjell in 2017 when you live in europe? such a complex thing) Anyway I am still proud of this SC. Simple but great.
Tutorial Secret.

  • Peem

I made this one in 2019. You can notice the making and the idea are way more developped than 2 years before.
I am proud of this one because I find a way to integrate well the grey color.
Tutorial secret.

  • Vain

One of the most efficient penmod aesthetically speaking i’ve invented for the project. I love this kind of « foreskin » gripping penmod.
Vain asked me for a blue DC. I tried to make something original and good to spin. It was complex and hard to make, but the look worth the shot.
Tutorial secret. But I think I can reproduce it and sell it.


  • x1213

Basically a VGG giotto, but with longer extremities. I didn’t put this mod on the same block as Ivan giotto and the Energel ST since its look seems not so « old ». I’ve never seen long giotto mod with short grip and no tip. I think we can call it the VGG Giotto Extend.

  • Menowa*
    The one I am the most proud of. The most incredible thing is that I made this pen at the beginning of the project (2017) and it is still very new and innovative in the penmodding game. A big thanks to Menowa* who kept this mod as a secret for all this time. ありがとうございますめのわさん。
    Tutorial secret. Anyway, you can buy from me (I still have the stuff for 2, not more).

Thank you for watching the video and reading this article ! I am very proud of this amazing projet and I want to do something similar in 10 years, if I am still here ! aha

Cheers !