Vôre-Tèx KT Family

Hello, vt here =)

The last month, I’ve watched a video where Kay is interviewing Iteza showing his penmods :

I particularly liked this video because Iteza is explaining that he has a bunch of his personal G3 mod (maybe 15 itezy-3), but each of them is slighty different to each others.
As you can guess, this is because he is « looking for » the best structure. I can see that like a small research protocol where each time he is making a new itezy-3, he is changing a small detail.

I think this is another concrete example, with the one rsvp mx (3 rsvp mods were made by Kam before the final version of the rsvp mx), of what spinners do before their penmods become famous : how many ikusafude did Menowa* make before the final version ? how many dr.kt did Ryo make before the final version ?

I feel this is a very cool way to show people how long designing the best penmod for you takes times… and money. But most importantly, you have to think about what you like and what is the best for your own fingers/hands and spinning ideal style.

This is why I am writing these lines. The last year, I wrote a tutorial about my personal KT >here< ; after watching kay and iteza video, I’ve wanting to do a small concrete research on my personal KT : how to improve it ? does the V1 enoug good for me ? what should I change?
I had to think so many questions.

First of all, here are the 2 most important concepts that came out from my personal KT :

  • A medium weight KT
  • A KT with the same length as the regular one
  • A KT with a longer spinning area than the regular one

The tips and grips structure were found at the first beginning, 2 yeas ago. HGG+ Tect tips, with a G3 bump, medium thin grip above + DGG.

The research is mostly about caps. Make wider the spinning area can be done through 2 ways : either cut off the big part (V1 concept), or make it thinner in order to feel it as a spinning area (V3 concept).

V1 is at the top. How to make it ? follow the link tutorial above.
V2 is at the middle. How to make it ? Same process as the V1, but cut at the middle of the big part.
; V3 is at the bottom. How to make it ? Sand down the big part until it becomes thinner and the clip.s disappears.

As I said earlier, I still didn’t make researches about barrel (I mean, the ones used have the same sizes).
I am going to edit this article once I got more results.

Thank you for reading !