Vore-Tex 2nd [Organizing]


Past year I was releasing my first official CV :

One year passed and I want to organize the voretex 2nd !

This CV is quite special since I want to offer money to everyone that was part of the project : selected spinners, editor, compositor, selector

Deadline : 3rd July 2022
I might, with another spinner, select a dozen of spinners, including  1 or 2 guests. I hope I can release the video at the beginning of the year 2023. I will let you know about the progress of the project.

Info :
– 16 :9 or 4 :3
– 8 to 14 sec
– Clean setup, don’t use hand cam
– Use the penmod you want
– At least 480p; better if you can use higher quality.

Send file on discord at vore_tex#5102

Artistic direction for the CV (can help you to choose your setup and mod):

Q&As :

« What is that money thing ?”
I want to offer 30€ for each selected spinner. The current value while I am writing these lines are ~$31 / ~円4000 / ~NT$900.

“Yo I don’t need your money, I spin for fun !”
Okay, I will split your part with others.

“What about you make a mod for me ?”
 It would depend on my spare time and motivation, unless you want to wait 6 months to 1 year to get your mod.

“What about stuff ?”
It might be a good idea as long as you don’t ask for a lot of very rare and hard to get pens.

“ I love money, how can I get more ?”
Either you pray others refuse their price, or I can buy the mod you used for the CV and I buy your signature on a piece of paper.

“If I am selected, when am I going to receive my price ?”
I will contact you once the CV will be released.