[Tutorial] Watto Walmart mod

Hello ! long time no see again lol.

After some requests, I am going to explain you how to make the watto walmart mod. Since the legit tutorial is not very clear, it is possible that I’ve missunderstood some steps. Please read and understand the tutorial before making the mod. Thanks !


You’ll need a lot of pens. But do not worry, you only have to use small parts for each one.



  • 1 Garigarikun pen (barrel)
  • 2 Bic marker (grips)
  • 3 Zebra hyperjell/jimnie (grips)
  • 2 G3 (grips and inktube tips)
  • 1 Sailor (grip)
  • 2 Zebra tect 2way from MUJI (2 clear oring, 2 plastic rings, 2 metal rings) : for mine, I will use regular ones.
  • 2 Signo DX (backplugs)
  • 2 Airblanc (grips)
  • 2 Dr.Grip (metal rings)
  • 1 D1K (grip) : you can sub it by anyball or pilot nextage grip
  • 1 Rushon (backplug)
  • 3 KT (backplugs, old small caps)

I think that is all. Let’s go !



Disassemble and rub off the barrel of your garigarikun.
note : the barrel has the same size as ct barrel. If you don’t care about the clear barrel, you can either use ct or kt barrel.


Add an insert and put the 1st KT backplug as shown.


Cut the front of your garigarikun as shown and put your rushon backplug (beforehand cut) into. The rushon backplug allows the garigarikun barrel to be balanced. Watto doesn’t precise the lenght of the cut, so do it depending of your balancing preference.


Cut the grips of your bic as shown.


Then, put the smallest part on the barrel.


Put on each side 1 block of 2 stripes of G3 grip for the legit version. For my version, I use zebra tect ring.
(the backplug is now green because I failed about the balance thing lol)


Put your hyperjell grip onto the small ct cap, the rounded-shape side on the left. Keep 1mm at the right.


Note :
There are 2 versions of small ct caps.  watto uses old (left), I use new (right).
If you use old one, you should use KT backplugs. If you use new one, you should use CT baclplug.


Alright. You should have that now. Let’s continue.


Cut 2 parts of your sailor grip as shown. Keep the big and small lips for each :

Like that.


Process like on the photo. The smallest part of the sailor grip lip should come into the 1mm left of your hyperjell grip. For this step, I don’t even know how to do, so good luck lol.


What you should get now.


Put 1 block of 2 stripes of G3 grip.


Put 1 clear oring of 2way (for the legit) on the lip of the CT/KT backplug. I personally use regular one.


Put 1 block of D1K onto G3 grip and 1 metal ring of 2way next. note : You should not see the inside of the metal ring.


Add 2mm of Hyperjell grip next to the 2way metal ring.


Clean the inktube tip of the G3 and put it inside of the CT/KT backplug. It should not can move by itself.


Push the plastic ring of 2way onto the CT/KT backplug, next to hyperjell 2mm grip.


Place the drgrip metal ring close to the plastic ring of 2way and then, push hard the DX backplug inside the metal ring, onto the tip of the CT/KT baclplug.


Add 1 block of 2 stripes of G3 grip onto drgrip metal ring.
Cut again your bic grip as shown and add it as below.



Add a little stripe of G3 grip inside the big grip.


Cut 14mm of airblanc grip from the front

Add it on the bic grip. D:

Your watto walmart mod is finally done !  OTSUKARE !


If you have any problem about the making or if you notice a big mistake from me, do not hesitate to contact me ! thank you for reading !