[Tutorial] VT MX


This time, I write down for you a small article about how to make my own Mx. I tried making a long and balanced rsvp mx. Let’s get started 馃檪

Specs :

Stuff :
– 1 Pentel Old RSVP retractable (Tip, Grip)
– 1 Pentel Moonz (Barrel, Backcap, Inktube)
– 1 Pentel Sunburst (Cap)
– 1 Uni DX Signo (Grip)
– 1 Pentel e.ball (Grip)
– 1 Pentel HGG (Tip)
– 1 heat shrink, thickness 7mm
Welp, sorry for so many stuff ><

Tutorial :

1- You need a cap without its small ball (so either use sunburst cap or moonz cap without the ball).
2- Cut its clip as short as possible. The penmod will get better balance if you make a claw cut clip >explanation here<
3- Don’t push your cap too much, leave some mm.

4- Cut and add the heat shrink on the front of your Moonz, until the small lip.
5- Add A small piece of DX Signo grip onto it.
6- Add the e.ball grip.
7- Screw old rsvp tip > HGG tip on RSVP front.
8- Leave the inktube, add insert.

The stuff is a bit hard to get but anyway, thank you for reading and thank you for making my pen, if you did. 馃檪

See you next time !

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