[Tutorial] Nora PC2 mod

20,5 centimeters

About 17,5 grams

This tutorial is from the >Nora blog< a JeB PSer

Stuff :

– 1 Tombow Playcolor 2 (Barrel, cap w/o clip) ;
– 2 Pentel ColorTwin (Caps), here I am using ACT caps but Nora uses CT ;
– 2 Pilot Airblanc (Grips) ;
– 1 or 2 Ohto Needle Point (Grips) ;
– 1 or 2 Pilot Dr.grip (Grip-s) ;
– 2 Uniball Signo (Tips) ;
– 1 Random thin grip. Nora thinks it’s from Zebra hyperjell.

Tutorial :

1- Empty your PC2 and keep only the barrel and cap without clip
12-Cut your airblanc grips at 9mm from the lip
23- Cut your Needle point grip for 13mm (chose the side)
34- Cut your DGG for 25mm (the half of one grip)
45- Cut 2 blocks of the thin grip of 10mm
56- Put grips on this order :
Above the CT cap : airblanc > needle point > DGG
Put Signo tip into the thin grip and put it into the top of CT cap.
67- Put caps on the barrel and check the COG. 🙂

A short video from Nora with this mod :

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