[Tutorial] RSVT

Hey guys =)

A dude on Discord reminded me one of a rsvp mod I’ve made some years ago and asked for the tutorial so I decided to write it here =)

Some stuff are not so easy to find. I’ve wanted to use some French stuff.

Specs are something like 20.4cm and 17-18g.

I think the back can become a bit weak if you drop the pen too much on hard surfaces.

Stuff you’ll need :

  • 1 pentel rsvp (cap, barrel)
  • 1 papermate 094 (cap, barrel) : the one used for the waterfall mod
  • 1 signo (tip)
  • 3 hgg (tips)
  • 1 g2 (grip)
  • 1 needlepoint/metallic gel (grip)
  • 1 oring/tect/sub

Let’s get started =D

Sand down the front of your rsvp barrel

Cut your 094 barrel to 5cm from its back (you have to remove its backplug first with a corkscrew). On the Pic, the back of the 094 is at the right.

Add the smooth g2 grip part>oring>whole needlepoint grip

Fix the 3 hgg tips together with 1 layer of tape and add them on the 094 barrel

Cut your 094 cap from the top in order to keep 2.9cm

Put the inverted signo tip inside the 094 cap, from the side that you cut.

Add this stack inside the rsvp cap. You need to push hard.

Screw the cap on the barrel. Add some tape/Teflon on the screw thread.

You are done with the rsvt!