I.SUK fountain penmod


This mod was invented by I.suk. It’s his V2 of his personal mod. The V1 was only 1 supertip barrel instead 2 like this one above.

I’ve made again this mod, with 2 colors schemes : black&white and Claret&white
About 22.5 centimeters and 20 grams (I am using Airfit BP instead of Airfit Gel)

This mod is really simple to make, but the caps are hard to find :
Isuk said : « 2 supertip bodies (cut), joined by about 3cm of pencil wrapped in tape. Spinning space of each supertip barrel is 63mm, with about 12mm going under the caps. Caps are pentel fountain pen (discontinued so it’s hard to get, but available on ebay), cut a bit off caps from end where clip used to be so that caps are 42-43mm long. Add airfit jell tips and dr grip grip+anyball grip or tornado grip+anyball grip accordingly. »

The claret color caps are from Pentel Stylo, exactly the same shape than the pentel fountain pen. 🙂
My version is using a CT backplug on the center instead of a pencil wrapped in tape with a ring of grip.

This mod is very good for powertrick, since it’s the main mod of i.suk obv. 🙂 If you can get fountain pentel, I recommend it to you !


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