Why did I start thinking about “royalties” ?

(The english part is at the bottom of this article)

Thank you Kaoru for the Japanese part. ありがとう.













English part :

I won’t write so long about it.
These are some thoughts I have for a time. Let’s do it short and clear.

As a maker-seller, I was thinking to “give back” to (I prefer the word “donate”) the original inventor of the penmods I sell, if I have the opportunity.

Donation is not necessarily about money(cash), but can be about penmods, stuff, goods, food, and so on.

It is not because you refuse a donation (because you do it “for fun”, for example) that your effort has not value.

Indeed, if penmods stores managers can success their business, it is mostly thanks to the designer of their products : either famous spinners or, in very rare cases, famous penmodders. Without us, they are basically nothing. No business.

I know these “designers” didn’t create their penmods for the money, but donation can be a kind of support from the sellers. I campaign about the fact that the creative and handmade work have a value.

The donation for the spinner could depend of how many products the seller sold. As a prize, an award, it could be considered like how much you earn from a tournament depending your ranking.

In my opinion, by helping the designers (the hard trainer spinners, penmodders or any other guy that invented something popular) on this way , a kind of “royalties” (even though the word can be strong for this context), we can make penspinning and penmodding more “professional” and more reliable toward the penspinning community and the society.

In mass production of an industrial product, the royalties for a designer is something like some cents each time the product is sold.

In penspinning businesses, I mean about handmade penmods selling, we can’t mass produce. At least in my case, I can’t. That is why I would like to support the designers of the penmods I am use the sell and give them between 5 and 10% of what I earn.

I would like that these people believe in what they are strong at and understand that each effort has a real value, whatever it is for the fun or not.