Menowa* symmetrical G3

Hey, vt here ^^

I am writing a little article today to show you the latest penmod I’ve made. The menowa* symmetrical G3 mod. Since there’s like almost no info about it, below is a very short tutorial on how to make it.

The original post written in Japanese by Menowa himself is >here< =)

Note 1 : it worth to make it if you have good modding skill. Otherwise, the balance won’t be good and the connections fragile. The penmod momentum is great anyway and the length /weight ratio is good.

Note 2 : original uses a pen tip from a discontinued pen from the brand Muji. Eno is selling it but you also can use any metal tip you want. I personally used airblanc.

  • Length : original is ~20.5cm / mine is 21cm
  • Weight : original is 20g / mine is 17g by using airblanc tips

Stuff needed :

  • 2 g3 (caps, barrels)
  • 2 aluminum muji pen / signo / airblanc /g3 / needlepoint (tips)
  • 2 zebra airfit (metal rings)
  • 2 anyball (grips 2×3 and 2×1)
  • 1 sailor (grip 2×3)
  • 1 drgrip grip (2x5mm)
  • 1 hyper jell (grip 2x4mm)
  • 1 g2 /kt/ct/act (barrel)
  • I added sub tect rings for the middle
  • 2 inserts 7.2×2.5cm

Tutorial is very easy to understand, but you will spend a lot of time to cut and sand down everything. Take a small saw or a teeth knife, with some sandpaper (250 grit). You can cut g3 cap with pipe cutter but do not cut g3 barrel with it or it will break because the plastic is more weak.

Take your time and everything will be fine =)


A. cut off 1cm of the g3 cap from the bottom

B. Add the tip inside with 4mm of hyper jell grip in order to block it.

C. Add grips at the top as shown below. Since the original picture is very dark, I guessed which grip is on the cap.

2- cut off the main part of the g3 so the length is 7.2cm. The length of the front is 0.7cm. Sand down this part. Add 1 anyball ring (the biggest of the grip) with the airfit ring as shown:

Note : g3 barrel is not made from soft plastic so I don’t advise you to cut it with pipe cutter. Better to use a saw or a knife with teeth.

3- add the insert inside each g3 barrel (7.2×2.5cm)

4- add g3 caps on g3 barrel as below

5- cut off 1.4-1.5cm of the g2 barrel (do not take the screwed part or the link is more weak). My link is a kt barrel 2cm.

You’re done with your menowa symmetrical G3! You can be proud, it was not an easy task =)