41rFlow G3 – The light version of the F1R3FLY’s g3 mod

Hey yo~

Some months ago, around the month of April 2018, I have invented a light version of the famous firefly g3 mod.

I spent a lot of time about developing this idea and this mod, since you need only 3 pens : à metallic g3, a g2 and a signo dx.

Even if the making takes time and is complex, the mod spins like a Double Sided.

The specs are 20cm and 14 grams. I tried to designed it so it can be more durable than regular firefly g3.

I posted a tutorial on the penmodding discord, but not the final version. The final tutorial won’t be available for a while; I’m gonna write a post about the penmods that require me a lot of times.

Anyway, I can make it for you! Send me a private message if you’re interested 🙏

See ya~