New insert concept : the Tr-insert

Hello !

Back in october 2017 (I was kinda active at this period, indeed), when I discovered an Insert concept that I called the “Tr-Insert”. It is basically 3 inserts inside the same barrel. Video just below :

How to make it ?

Your insert has to be ~2 times less wide than regular one (between 10 and 15mm wide). Roll the insert on itself and put them 3 at the same time inside the barrel. Depending of the paper you use, you have to use tape to avoid the insert got “unrolled” by itself before puting it inside the barrel.

I mostly recommand to do it with thin paper. I am not sure the 3 inserts can fit inside a barrel if you use thick paper (like if you do handmade insert)

This technique can be long and difficult for some of you, but I think we can do some funny things =)

I hope people can be interested more about the tr-insert and make their own !

thank you for reading, see you next time ! =)