Hello !

At the beginning of the month of February 2018, I have bought some news interesting pens in Paris : the Pentel IFeelIt! BX 487

By checking the website of Pentel, it seems that it is a new product of 2018. There are 8 differents colors, like the RSVP colors ones. This pen is very similar to Pentel Hybrid Gel Grip pen. A long thin grip with almost the same shape and a small metal tip. I agree that the IFeelIt! tip is quite weird, by its shape, but we can use it for modding.

Let’s make a comparison between the hgg and the IFI! stuff.

HGG tip : about 0.65gr

IFI! tip : about 1.1gr


HGG grip : about 0.7gr

IFI! grip : about 1.15gr

These new stuff are pretty interesting for those who want a cheated and balanced RSVP MX.


Sadly, the IFI! tip can’t be screwed on the front of RSVP but you can use Blu Tack (Patafix for the french people who read these lines) or some tape.

The weight is almost 1gr heavier than a regular RSVP MX and the length can be the same.

Thanks to IFI!, we finally can make a balanced RSVP MX with only 2 pens ! Plus, the IFI! is twice cheaper than the HGG !


Thank you for reading and see you next time for more original content of penmodding !