NW Hybrid SC


15 grams
20.6 centimeters

Hey guys !
Long time I didn’t make a single cap penmod ! I am back with a hybrid between a Nachoaddict SC and a Whizz SC. Why these 2 penmods ? Because both are made with the same base : a barrel supertip kind, where the front of this, is the back of the mod and the back of this, is the front of the mod. A thin barrel is linked from the back to extend the front mod with a signo tip. And a G3 cap.

So, I’ve called it the NW hybrid SC.
Maybe I will make a tutorial. Don’t hesitate to ask me a request for it 🙂

As a reminder, here is a Nachoaddict SC, made by Taeko

And a Whizz SC, made by its creator :