Mesi G3 mod V2 tutorial

mesiv2This Mesi G3 mod v2 was made by MJerry. All credits go to him.


First JeB penmod tutorial on my website, the Mesi v2 ! I found it on >Mesi’s blog<, so I think it’s the legit one 🙂

12 grams
20 centimeters

  • Stuff needed :
    – 1 Pilot plastic G3 (Backcap, barrel, tip, grip, inktube)
    – 1 Pilot Frixion [ the one with white barrel and tinted cap ] (Cap, rubber grip)
    – 3 Zebra D-1K (Grips) : only findable in Japan, try to trade with JeB people. Otherwise, you can sub it to Anyball grips
    – 1 Metallic Gel (Tip)
    – 1 Zebra Hyperjell (Grip)
    – 1 Sakura BallSign (Backplug)
    – 1 Hybrid Fine / Hybrid Gel Grip (Tip)
    – A small random grip (?)


  • Tutorial :

– Cap, part A :

  1. Put G3 backcap and Frixion rubber grip together like below :
    2. Add a G3 4 stripes grip above the step 1. Don’t forget to cut the grip like that :


– Cap, Part B :

  1. Empty all the Frixion cap.
  2. Put the BallSign backplug into the top of Frixion cap and cut the backplug until to get that :

2011090620174767fSo, the black part on the top is a small part of BallSign backplug

3. Take the G3 inktube and keep only the grey part :


4. Then, put it on the top of Frixion cap :


– Cap, part C :

  1. Put the step 1 and the Hyperjell grip together like that :


2. Put this package grips into Frixion cap


– Barrel, front part :

1. Prepare the G3 front as all G3 mod (remove grip, the 8 small plastic squares and file the ruffle just near the tip)

2. Put G3 tip > Metallic gel tip > HGG tip


3. Add D-1K 15 stripes grips on the front : 5 red stripes > 4 black stripes > 6 red stripes


4. Add 2 red stripes and 4 black stripes of D-1K on the Frixion cap. (I am not sure about this step)

5. Put an insert into the barrel and put Frixion cap on the back of the G3. You have finished ! 🙂

Short combo with this mod, from Mesi.





4 thoughts on “Mesi G3 mod V2 tutorial

  1. That backcap just looks off.
    It’s nothing against you, it’s just the cap of the mod doesn’t look good with the gray bit sticking out.

  2. Hahaha, don’t worry. I didn’t invented the mod, but Mesi, a japanese penspinner. And the pictures are from his blog, as I mentionned it at the top of the tutorial 🙂

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